Saturday, 23 May 2015

Paint Table Saturday#81

Still here, just about, but very little to show this week.  Having battled, stoically and with very little sympathy, through a bout of 'manflu', we have reached another Bank Holiday here in Blighty and so looking forward to pushing on with these rather lovely Crimean War Miniatures one of which, the Russian General, was a gift from that splendid chap Stefan, A.K.A. Monty of 'Monty's Caravan' fame.

Still no sign of the Penguin, but I feel that he has waited far too long in the wings* and so I hope to use the half term break to see if we can't push him along a bit.  I'm starting to find a little more time at the weekends to catch up with many of the splendid weblogs that I enjoy following, but I'm all to aware that I continue to miss much of what is going on, but rest assured we'll be back to full steam before too long.

*no pun intended as Oswald Cobblepot Esq. is somewhat touchy on the subject of wings!

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Paint Table Saturday#80

Back to the 'Warlord Games' Clubmen after the welcomed distraction that was the Rastafarian survivor from 'East Street Games' new Bullet & Brains range - now available to order!

Having already prepared these, I shall refrain from banging on again about the quality of the casting, but look to the positives, particularly the wonderfully characterful sculpts. I also need to add at this point that I have been hugely influenced by the tremendous work of 'Stone Cold Lead' in fact much of the colour palate is lifted directly from his versions, they really are sublime.

What I hadn't realised when assembling the team was just how many follicly challenged men were in the club! For the life of me, I can't remember if the pack came with alternative headwear or if you had to buy these as an optional extra from 'Warlord Games'* but given that I sport a similar hairstyle, I have a certain sympathy for these chaps!

*I suspect the latter!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

No Zombie, No Cry!

A slight break from the recent form of showing works in progress languishing on the paint table, I thought I would actually share a completed miniature - shock, horror!  Sadly this is not a welcome return to more regular blogging habits, the trials and tribulations of real life still plague the day job, but I wanted to take this opportunity to help promote, 'East Street Games' and their new venture.

This ‘Survivor’ was passed to me at 'Salute 2015' by Clint of 'Anything but a One!' fame; he had recently showcased a couple of games of 'Bullets and Brains' on his blog, when the creators and designers came down to visit his club.  When Clint duly repaid the courtesy and dropped by to say hello at their stand at Salute he was handed a starter set of survivors from their new range of miniatures - generous indeed!

Clint was planning to pass them on to Bloggers and Gamers that have a predilection for all things undead and very kindly passed one to me when we first met up.*

*I have to confess that at the time I was more interested in the fudge he had in his bag at the time!  

Once safely home, I had a closer look at my swag and initially felt a little underwhelmed and even wondered what scale he actually was; the pose has our survivor leaning into an attack and so appears shorter than he is.  That said the casting is good and clean and required very little work to prepare for painting.**

**Something that came a blessed relief after my recent hassle with the 'Warlord Games Clubmen' that I had been working on.

It is funny how, with familiarity of subject, one's opinions change and as I started to work on this little chap, I became more and more enamoured by him as previously unnoticed detail started to emerge and an idea started to form in my tired and addled brain.  Something about the sculpting of his headgear reminded me of a Rastafarian bonnet and suddenly a character was created!  Now complete, I’m rather taken with it and look forward to one day reuniting him with his zombie alter-ego when Clint and I next meet up.

So here's to the generosity of Clint and 'East Street Games', best of luck with the new venture chaps!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Paint Table Saturday#78

A slightly belated edition this week having popped into work yesterday, but back to the brushes after the exciting distraction that was 'Salute 2015' and I'm happy to report that some progress has been made on a couple of the 'Warlord Games' Clubmen.  I've made mention in the past at just how frustrating I find this company as the miniatures themselves are horrible to prepare.  So much flash and so many mould lines, especially in what is a  relatively new line of models.  Still, a saving grace is the character that they manage to squeeze into them and when painted they do really look rather good. 

Perhaps not unsurprisingly given my inability to focus on one thing for any length of time, I am sorely tempted to crack open some of my new purchases in the shape of some industrial buildings from 'Sarissa Precision'

or perhaps start this rather interesting looking chap from 'East Street Games' new range  and rules, Bullets & Brains that Clint very kindly passed to me last weekend - decisions, decisions!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Salute 2015 - the loot!

Phew!  What a day and as predicted I am somewhat behind the curve with this post due to the exhaustive debrief following a extremely tiring journey home.*  

*We had to stand for two hours on the train, not quite what we had planned!

So 'Salute 2015' has come and gone, my fifth apparently and perhaps the most enjoyable yet.  I had no real plans for purchases and so just pootled from stand to stand, game to game and looking at the photographs of the day on other blogs clearly missed a great deal!  Still myself and the 'Provost Marshal' seemed to amass a fair about of swag between us. Although mine was restraint, by comparison to previous years, I did treat myself to some shiny new Batman toys.  These are proving a welcome distraction and I'm looking forward to painting them regardless of whether or not they actually get on the table.

It seemed to me that this year was all about laser cut MDF; the future of wargaming terrain?  I was genuinely impressed by the display models on the 'Sarissa Precision' stand and a couple of packs along with some from '4Ground' managed to find their way home with me.   Some always useful packs from 'Ainsty Castings', yet another set of skirmish rules from 'Crooked Dice' and a shepherd set from 'Redoubt Enterprises' completed the purchases . 

I did manage to track down Kawe from 'Westfalia Miniatures' and bag my free promotional Halfling along with the final elements from the 'Steampunk Menagerie' kickstarter - every chap needs a Clocktopus!  I need to add at this point that Kawe was also incredibly generous and added a few other surprises to my pledge - thank you so very much!  

Speaking of gifts thank you also to 'Clint' who passed on a zombie hunter from the new 'East Street Games' Brains & Bullets game - this will be promoted to the front of the queue and I need to have a closer look at their new rules when released; thank you also for the fudge, the 'Saintly Mrs. Awdry' was deeply impressed!  I was also passed a miniature from Andrew 'Loki' Saunders, which is apparently connected to the 'Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge', but I need to clarify that a little more.

Of course the highlight for me was the Bloggers' meet at lunchtime and it was great to see so many now familiar faces and some new ones too - MikeC and Simon 'Blaxkleric' it was great to finally meet you both.

Finally then, the photographs, well the few that I took!  As usual I am armed with a camera, but failed to really do the event justice.  As my hands were busy squirrelling away my purchases the camera was consigned to the bottom of the bag.  Before that happened there were a couple of things that caught my eye.  The first, a hugely entertaining game from 'Bexley Reapers Wargaming Club' saw a troop of G.I.s running the gauntlet of marauding zombies to escape to the shore and the boats waiting for them there.  All the stops had been pulled out with regards to the terrain, including lights, sounds and even dry ice!

The latest pre-release model from 4Ground was an awesome looking Parish Church, not cheap, but my word it looked good!

More MDF on show again with the Micro Art Studio's Wolsung game, this sort of thing just seems to capture my imagination.

So that was that for another year, well done 'South London Warlords' a great show, obviously well attended by traders and clubs alike and yet comfortably so - looking forward to next year already! 

Friday, 24 April 2015

One more sleep!

Tomorrow myself and the ‘Provost Marshal’ a.k.a. RichardC will don our hunting tweeds* and set off for this great land’s mighty metropolis, determined to bag ourselves a bargain or two. ‘Salute 2015’, arguably one of Europe’s finest wargames show, is finally upon us and promises to be as spectacular as ever.
*Jeans and a T-shirt more likely!

Although, as a result, there will be no ‘Paint Table Saturday’ this week expect the obligatory post Salute post where I am sure evidence of my crumbling will power, along with photographs of the many wonderful participation games will be displayed – probably sometime after everyone else’s depending on the length of the customary debrief at a local hostelry!

This year, perhaps more than in previous years given my recent self imposed exile from our cosy corner of the blogosphere, I am particularly looking forward to catching up with fellow bloggers, if indeed we are doing this again? 

So with e-ticket printed off, train times checked and the piggy bank raided the final countdown begins!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Paint Table Saturday#76

Just a very quick post today to document recent progress and the completion of this trio of miniatures.  During the challenge, I had a convoluted idea of producing a vignette for the 'Anti-Hero' bonus round based on the Solomon Kane story, 'The Moon of Skulls'.  In the end I ran out of time and the idea got shelved, but I was desperate to get the miniatures painted.

I had spent quite a bit of time tracking down a suitable candidate for Solomon Kane and was delighted when I happened upon this chap from 'Black Army Productions'.  The only thing is that he is rather shy  young man and the angle of the head, sculpted as it is, hides lots of the lovely details.

So next up the 'Warlord Games' Club Men, faces and bases done, just need to do the rest now!  

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